Crucial Conversations

Dr. David Henderson talks with Stephanie Coker, Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, about how to have crucial conversations with those we care about. Learn more about Stephanie at

To download audio right-click on the following link: Crucial Conversations


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One Response to Crucial Conversations

  1. Christopher Graves says:

    I found this discussion very insightful. I am glad to hear that both Dr. Henderson and Ms. Coker noted that emotions are God-given and important in functioning in the world around us and especially with other people. Emotions are rational as a number of philosophers such as Allan Gibbard and Ronald de Sousa have argued. Otherwise we would not be able to identify when someone is expressing their emotions irrationally or inappropriately as Ms. Coker deals with in her practice. Human are primarily motivated by emotions and intuitions as David Hume observed and then we use reason to reflect upon and implement our visceral reactions to situations that we find ourselves in. Aristotle taught us that to approach happiness that we need to direct our emotions to the appropriate object or person at the appropriate time to the appropriate degree…that is the trick.

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