Theological Trivia

Our favorite theologian, Dr. Everett Berry, drops by to talk with Barry about not-so-trivial theological trivia.

To download audio right-click on the following link: Theological Trivia

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2 Responses to Theological Trivia

  1. Cathy Hurley says:

    No pets in heaven? That makes me very sad. Couldn’t you just have said “I don’t know” ? Because you don’t.

  2. Carl says:

    The question was: Will our pets be in Heaven? And the answer is “no”?? “Post-mortem existence of dead animals”? I was shocked, but NOT so much at the answer, but the WAY the answer was given, as if people are foolish to believe such a thing! I’m not familiar with Everett Berry, but from that comment alone, and the way it was given, I don’t care to listen to him again.

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